Small Corporate Member Benefits

For companies under 10 employees hiring D2D sales professionals. 

General Membership Benefits
  • Connect to a legitimate industry that is strong, organized, and looking after the interests of its members
  • Gain access to the D2D Association Membership Directory
  • Benefit from professional networking opportunities
  • Get better continuity with job movement within the industry
  • Enjoy access to personal benefits: health insurance, dental and vision, 401k, etc.
  • Enjoy discounts from sponsors who want to support D2D Association members

Meeting and Event Management
  • Get discounts to D2D Annual Conference ("D2Dcon")
  • Get discounts to other conferences, roadshows, training events, and networking events

Awards and Scholarships
  • Participate in the D2D Association Awards, Recognitions, and Honors Program
  • Participate in the D2D Association Scholarship Program

Training and Certification
  • Earn the D2D Association-sponsored Certified Door to Door Sales Professional (“D2D Pro”) and Certified Door to Door Advanced Sales Professional (“D2D Pro Plus”) certifications
  • Participate in trainings, exams, certifications, and continuing education courses to earn and maintain the D2D Pro and D2D Pro Plus certifications
  • Enjoy enhanced career advancement through networking, quality training, and respected certifications

News and Communications
  • Get the D2D Association Newsletter and industry updates
  • Keep abreast of industry trends, opportunities, and events
  • Enjoy access to the D2D Association Jobs Board
  • Network in the D2D Association Members-Only Facebook Group

Industry Strength

 D2D Association believes that strengthening the industry will help everyone and lead to stronger sales because   legitimacy fosters success. Members will benefit from the following D2D Association initiatives:

  • Media. Promote the D2D industry via press releases, media productions (e.g., produce a documentary about the D2D experience), etc.
  • Lobbying. Connect with national, state, and city officials to promote the D2D industry and cast it in a positive light.
  • Education Outreach. Work with high schools and colleges to add professional sales classes and majors in the D2D space.
  • Mentorship. Sponsor the D2D Association Mentor Program.
  • Recruiting Outreach. Work with colleges to promote D2D sales job placement opportunities.
  • Corporate Outreach. Market to industries/companies the viability of using D2D sales to promote their industries/companies.
  • Representation. Attendance and representation at national trade shows.

D2D Association 401k Plan
  • D2D Association is sponsoring a 401k plan. D2D Association corporate members can enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger 401k plan! 
  • It is EASIER and SAVES YOU TIME. You shift the administrative burdens of running your own 401k to the Association 401k plan.
  • LESS RISK. You shift the legal responsibilites to the Association 401k plan. 
  • CHEAPER. You get discounted pricing because you're part of a larger plan. This saves companies and employees a lot of money!
  • Take advantage of this great opportunity as a Corporate Member today! (See 401k Benefits page under the Resources Tab for more information on enrollment.)
Additional Discounts 
  • Employees and contractors get a $160 discount when they join under the Corporate Membership account
  • Logo shown on the D2D Association website
  • Access to participate in the D2D Association Corporate Certification Program
  • Free posting of job opportunities on the D2D Association Job Board
  • Access to the D2D Association Membership Directory
  • “Company Spotlight” posted on the D2D Association Homepage one week per quarter
  • Opportunity to participate in PR campaigns when lobbying or promoting D2D initiatives
  • “Company Profile” article permanently on the D2D Association website
  • Opportunity for employees of your company to serve as a committee chair


Annual Membership:  $1450* (After May 1, 2020)

*Members who sign up before May 1, 2020 will receive Founding Member pricing of $999 for their first year of membership.