Our Purpose


Expand Licensing Opportunities
  • Lobby for broader city and state licensing opportunities.
  • Work with government officials to improve the procedures for obtaining and retaining licenses.
Sponsor Conferences and Networking Events
  • Sponsor industry events such as D2DCon, golf tournaments, and local meetups, where D2D businesses and sales professionals can collaborate, share best practices, and bond together to strengthen the industry.
  • Attend industry conferences to promote the door-to-door and in-home selling industry.
Strengthen Public Relations
  • Produce a documentary and other media related to the door-to-door selling experience in order to broaden awareness and to promote the good door-to-door sales professionals do.
  • Publish industry news and updates for our community.
  • Collaborate with colleges to provide sales opportunities, education, and scholarships.
  • Connect with cities to create job awareness and opportunities and to foster a positive image toward the door-to-door industry.

Provide Job Opportunities

  • Companies will have a company profile explaining the pros and cons of their company. People looking to get into the door-to-door industry will be able to review companies with whom they might be a good match.
  • Sales professionals will have a personal profile. This online profile will help prospective employers and the public generally to evaluate the basic credentials of a sales professional and help weed out bad actors.


 Provide Opportunities to Contribute to Our Industry

  • D2D Association is a nonprofit, member-run trade association. Every member -- companies, individuals, and vendors -- is important, and everyone’s contributions add up to making a big impact! We invite members to participate in one of these five committees:
    • Membership and Member Benefits Committee
    • Events, Contests, and Awards Committee
    • Training and Certification Committee
    • News and Communications Committee
    • Public Relations Committee


Promote Industry Credibility
  • Create industry standards of professional conduct and safety.
  • Establish and promote fair practices within the industry.
Promote Credibility of Sales Professionals through Certification
  • The Association sponsors two certifications:
    • D2D Pro
    • D2D Pro Plus
  • Establish basic standards of education and training.
  • Define basic practices and ethics that must be understood and adhered to when working with the public.
  • Consumers will be able to validate sales professionals by going to the Association website and looking up their profiles, which will include credentials, experience, insurance validation, customer reviews, etc.
Promote Credibility of Companies through Validation
  • The Association will validate the legitimacy of its corporate members and their adherence to industry standards of conduct through a formal validation process. This validation will give door-to-door sales professionals and the general public confidence and trust that they are dealing with reputable companies. Companies can tout their validation, which will be available for public view on the website.


Community Relations
  • Work in communities to help improve relationships with national and local companies.
  • Help cities and consumers embrace the door-to-door and in-home sales industry.
  • Provide local jobs.
Company Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Create a network of companies that can support one another.
  • Help mediate disputes between industry participants.
  • Create win-win working environments within a competitive industry.
  • Provide opportunities for companies to cross market and leverage each other’s resources.
  • Establish and promote an industry Code of Ethics.
  • Identify "bad actors," i.e., companies and individuals who behave unethically and who pose reputational risk to the industry.