D2D Association 401k Benefits

Why Join the D2D Association 401k Plan?

How Does it Work? 

A Department of Labor provision allows trade associations to create an Association 401k Plan comprised of member 401k plans organized and administered as one group plan. D2D Association corporate members can enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger 401k plan!

What Are the Benefits to Association Members?

Administrative Ease

  • D2D Association members who currently sponsor their own 401k plan or who have been reluctant to offer a 401k plan no longer need to do most of the administrative tasks typically required of 401k plan sponsors. These day-to-day responsibilities get shifted to the D2D Association 401k Plan.

Cost Savings

  • Administration, recordkeeping, advisory, and investment costs get spread across all adopting employers plan assets. This combined purchasing power drives down costs.
  • Larger employers (more than 100 eligible employees) no longer need to complete and pay for an annual audit.

Fiduciary Relief

  • Members who join the D2D Association 401k Plan are relieved of many of their fuduciary duties.

Enroll in the D2D Association 401k Plan Today!

To enroll, call 801-905-1644 or visit www.navigatefinancial.com.